Criterion I Criterion II Criterion III Criterion IV Criterion V Criterion VI Criterion VII Extended Profile
1 1.1.1 Teaching and Learning Policy 2.3.1 Experiential learning, Participative learning and Problem-solving methodologies 3.1.2 Copies of the letters of the University recognizing faculty as research guides 4.1.3 a.Geo-tagged photos of classrooms and seminar halls with ICT- enabled facilities such as smart class, LMS
b. Time Table - [2020-2021]
5.1.1 Details of Students benefitted by Scholarship a. Self attested letter b. List of Students 6.1.1 Documents 7.1.1 Gender Equity Activities a. Annual gender sensitization action plan b. Details facilities for women 1.1 Courses offered by the Institute
2 1.1.2 Academic Calendar 2.3.2 ICT enabled tools 3.2.1 IQAC Initiatives in creation and transfer of knowledge b. ABCDE 4.1.4 Audited utilization statements
5.1.2 Students benefitted by scholarships from NGOs, Philanthropies, Individuals 6.1.2 Documents related to participation and decentralization of Administration 7.1.2 Alternate source of Energy a. Letters, Vouchers b. Geo-tagged photos 2.1 List of Students enrolled
3 1.1.3 a. Letters of BoS b. Letters of Moderation, Paper Setting c. Letters of Evaluation 2.3.3 1. List of Mentors - Circular a. 2018-19 b. 2019-20 c. 2020-21 d. 2021-22 2. SRUJAN Mentoring System Report 3. SRUJAN Form 3.2.2 a. IPR Activity Report b. IPR Brief Report 4.2.1 ILMS Details 5.1.3 Details of capability building and skills enhancement initiatives 6.2.1 Strategic Plan and deployment documents 7.1.3 Waste management Details 2.2 Seats earmarked for reserved category
4 1.2.1 Links of RTMNU syllabus of CBCS courses b. Links of RTMNU syllabus of Elective courses 2.4.1 List of Full time Teachers 3.3.1 Research Scholar Details List of Research Scholars with Guides names, Title of thesis, Date of Registration, Status, Year of Award 4.2.2 Details of subscriptions like e-journals,ShodhSindhu, Shodhganga Membership 5.1.4 Details of students benefitted by guidance for competitive examinations and career counseling 6.2.2 a. Organogram b. Policy documents c. Document of Appointment and service rules 7.1.4 Water conservation facilities with geo-tagged photos 2.3 Outgoing / Final year students’ list
5 1.2.2 Add – On / Certificate Courses 2.4.2 Copies of Ph.D degrees & Notifications 3.3.2 Research papers per teachers in the Journals notified on UGC website 4.2.3 Audited statements of accountsof annual expenditure for purchase of books/e-books and journals/e- journals 5.1.5 a. Grievance Redressal policy document b. Minutes of the Meetings of the Committees and ATR with Details of student grievances including sexual harassment and ragging cases 6.2.3 Enterprise Resource Planning Document b. Screen shots of user inter faces 7.1.5 Green Initiatives a. Policy b. Report of the activities c. Geo-tagged photos 3.1 List of Full time teachers
6 1.2.3 Details of Students of Add On / Certificate Courses 2.5.2 Internal Exams related Grievances a. Formation of Committee b. Reports 3.3.3 Books and chapters in edited volumes/books published and papers published in national/ international conference proceedings 4.2.4 a. Last page of accession register details b. Method of computing per day usage of library 5.2.1 Details of Placement Activities a. Report of training and Placement b. List of Students benefitted by the activities c. Details of the Students placed through the Drives 6.3.1 Welfare Schemes for Teachers and Administrative Staff 7.1.6 Green Audit Certificates and Reports a. Energy Audit b. Environmental Audit c. Green Audit 3.2 Letter of Sanctioned posts
7 1.3.1 a. Web links of the topics prescribed by the University b. Web link of the details of the activities conducted by the College 2.6.1.a Program Outcomes and Course Outcomes
2.6.1.b U.G POs
3.4.1 Extension activities 4.3.1 Details of WiFi connection a. Receipt of purchase b. Latest bill 5.2.2 Details of student progression to higher education 6.3.2 Teachers provided with financial support 7.1.7 Inclusive Policy a. Divyangjan friendly Policy b. Facilities provided for Divyangjan c. Geo-tagged photos 4.1 Infrastructure a. Report b. Geo-tagged photos of all classrooms, Seminar Hall, Computers c. Voucher of purchase of computer
8 1.3.2 Experiential Learning - project work/field work/internship 2.6.3 Course wise Results of University Exam 3.4.3 1. NSS report
3.4.3 2. NCC REPORT
4.3.2 a. Voucher for purchase of computers b. Geo-tagged photos of computers 5.2.3 Details of Students qualifying for NET, SET, GATE, TOEFL 6.3.3 Professional Development and Administrative Training Program 7.1.9 Details of sensitization programs a. Reports b. Geo-tagged photos / Screenshots 4.2 Total expenditure excluding salary document
9 1.4.1 & 1.4.2 a. Links of Feedbackof Students, Teachers and Alumni b. Feedback report c. Feedback Report (collective) 2.7.1 Students Satisfaction Survey a. Links of Students’ Feedback 3.4.4 Lists of participants of the Extension activities 4.3.3 Letter of how much MBPS 5.3.1 Details of awards/medals for outstanding performance in sports/cultural activities 6.3.4 FDP Details a. Details of Teachers undergoing FDP / STTP / Refresher / Orientations b. Certificates of Training Programs 7.1.10 Code of Conduct a. Policy of Code of Ethics b. Formation of Monitoring Committee c. Reports of programs
10 2.2 GR Admission Reservation123 3.5.1 Collaborative Activities a. Research b. Faculty Exchange c. Student Exchange d. Internship Details 4.4.1 Audited statements of accounts and Details about assigned budget and expenditure on physical facilities and academic support 5.3.2 Students’ representation and engagement in various administrative, co-curricular and extracurricular activities 6.3.5 Performance Appraisal System a. Format b. Report 7.1.11 Commemorative Programs a. Reports b. Geo-tagged programs / Screenshots
11 221 Additional Info 3.5.2 Functional MoUs a. Copies of MoUs b. Activities conducted under the MoUs 4.4.2 Policy of systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities 5.3.3 Sports and Cultural activities a. Sports and cultural events /competitions organized by the College b. Sports and Cultural events / competitions organized by other institutions 6.4.1 Details of internal and external financial audits 7.2.1 Best Practices a. Best practice – I with supporting documents b. Best practice – II with supporting documents
12 251 Working Committee - 2021-2022 3.2 Extended 4.1.1 Criterion IV Geo tag photo 5.4.1 Alumni Activities a. Copy of Alumni Registration b. Activities conducted by the Alumni Association 6.4.2 Funds / Grants received from non-government bodies, individuals, philanthropers 7.3.1 Institutional Distinctiveness
13 List of Program 2.2.1 Extendend 3.1 _1 Balance + MBA+CHB Adhoc 5.4.2 Alumni contribution a. Details of Financial contribution, Audited Statement Copy b. Other Alumni contribution 6.5.1 Documents of IQAC Initiatives
14 SSS Format 271 271.SSS Format 3.1 IQAC Meetings 6.5.2 Teaching learning reforms
15 241. Sanction posts Data 6.5.3 a. IQAC Meetings b. Collaborative Quality Initiatives c. NIRF details